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The archipelago of Cabo Verde is a trending destination that stands out for its warm weather throughout the year. In Ilha do Sal it always looks like summer and this is why more and more tourists decide to discover this tropical paradise, with its great beaches and beautiful scenery. In addition, the character of its people, open and welcoming, has driven a lively culture where tourists and locals mix to make the most of the island's charms.

Beach, sun, relaxation, outdoor activities, gastronomy, nature and fun are combined in Ilha do Sal, where the leisure offer is growing.

From most European countries, Cabo Verde is just a few hours away, making it an ideal destination for a paradise getaway as a couple, with friends, family or even alone.

Beaches and water sports
Beaches and water sports

Among the 10 islands in Cabo Verde, Ilha do Sal stands out for its paradisiacal beaches and the many water sports that can be practiced in it.

The island emerges timidly over the Atlantic Ocean, with a soft relief that gives prominence to the sea. This has motivated the seafaring character of the area, where excellent fish of great quality are caught daily, and the practice of all kinds of water sports.

On the beaches of Ilha do Sal, there are the perfect conditions for surfing, windsurfing, diving, fishing or boat trips.

Diving enthusiasts will find a wide variety of underwater fauna in Cabo Verde, such as tunas, swordfishes, lobsters, eels, turtles and even sharks. In addition, in the waters surrounding the islands there are remains of sunken ships, such as Santo Antão, easily accessible from Ilha do Sal.


The cuisine of Cabo Verde, like its culture, is oriented towards the sea. Thus, you can taste excellent red-hot lobsters and delicacies such as fish stock.

But the Cabo Verde cuisine is also a reflection of its history, mixing Portuguese influences with African recipes and products from America. In this way, exotic and flavourful dishes are created, such as the so-called “pastry with the Devil inside”, succulent dumplings with fresh tuna, onion and tomatoes.

Nor can you leave without trying the cachupa, based on beans, pork, corn and vegetables, or the rolled bananas.

Among the drinks, the well-known caipirinhas and the grog (typical cane moonshine) stand out.

What to visit?
What to visit?

Ilha do Sal has different points of interest and amazing natural landscapes, which are worth visiting. 

Salinas of Pedra Lume: Are located in the crater of an ancient volcano. In this natural pool it is recommended to take a bath to benefit from the relaxing and rejuvenating properties of its salts. In addition, the sensation of flotation is incredible, since the water is 26 times saltier than that of the sea.
It is also interesting to visit the capital of Ilha do Sal, Espargos, and the Terra Boa desert, where you can experience mirages.

Olho Azul:Is the area of the natural pools with transparent waters. When the sun reflects on the water, the blue it turns on is extremly beautiful, to what it owns the name.

Santa María: In this town you will find a cultural centre and a market. Its beach is the most famous of the whole archipelago and has excellent conditions to windsurfing, kitesurfing, diving or sportive fishing.

Buracona: It is an amazing natural pool located among the remains of volcanic black lava, protruding to the sea. Close to it there is a more underground pool. To get there is needed to dive through a hole on the floor.