Tourism - Murdeira Village Resort

Murdeira Village Resort


The Cape Verde archipelago is a destination known for its pleasant climate all year round. On the Ilha do Sal, it’s summer all year round, which is why more and more tourists are deciding to explore this tropical paradise, where beaches and landscapes of great natural beauty merge. The open, welcoming character of its people has also fostered a cheerful, vibrant culture, where tourists and locals mingle to get the most out of the island’s charms.

Beach, sun, relaxation, outdoor activities, gastronomy, nature and fun come together on the Ilha de Sal, which offers a constantly expanding range of recreational activities.

Cape Verde is just a few hours’ flight from most European countries, making it an ideal destination for an idyllic getaway for two, with friends, family or even solo.

Beaches and water sports

Of the ten islands that comprise Cape Verde, the Ilha de Sal stands out for its paradisiacal beaches and countless opportunities to enjoy water sports.

The island emerges timidly from the Atlantic Ocean, with a delicate relief that gives prominence to the sea. This is what spurred the development of the local fishing industry, where excellent fish are caught daily. It also allows for all sorts of water sports.

The coastline is ideal for surfing, windsurfing, diving, fishing and boating.

Those who love diving will find a diversified underwater fauna in Cape Verde, including tuna, swordfish, lobsters, eels, turtles and even sharks. In the waters around the islands, you’ll also encounter the remnants of sunken ships, such as the Santo Antão, which is easily accessible from Sal.

Tourism - Murdeira Village Resort


Tourism - Murdeira Village Resort

Cape Verde’s gastronomy, just like its culture, is orientated towards the sea. This means you can savour exquisite red lobsters and delicacies such as fish broth.

Cape Verdian cuisine also reflects its history, with influences from Portuguese cuisine, African recipes and products from the Americas. This has led to the creation of exotic, flavourful dishes such as the ‘Pastel com o diabo dentro’, a succulent pastry made of fresh tuna, onions and tomatoes; cachupa, based on beans, pork, corn and vegetables; and rolled bananas.

Featured among the drinks served on the island are the delicious caipirinha and the traditional local drink, grog, a sugar cane brandy.


The Ilha de Sal boasts plenty of points of interest and amazing natural landscapes that are well worth a visit.

Pedra Lume salt evaporation ponds: Located in the crater of an ancient volcano, you can enjoy a relaxing bath (considered rejuvenating by the locals) and float in water that’s 26 times saltier than the sea. From here you can visit Espargos, the main town on the island, making a stop at Terra Boa, where you can see the famous mirages.

Olho Azul: This is a part of the natural pools with transparent waters. When the sun reflects on the water, it turns an extremely beautiful blue, hence its name.

Vila de Santa Maria: The village’s cultural centre and municipal market are a must-see. It’s also home to the most famous beach in the whole archipelago, offering excellent conditions for windsurfing, kitesurfing, diving and sport fishing.

Buracona: This is a spectacular natural pool nestled against the black lava of the rocks overlooking the sea. Close by is another pool, but this one is underground, so you’ll need to dive through a hole in the ground to reach it.

Tourism - Murdeira Village Resort